Web Application Development Process

Web Application Development Process has 5 steps.

1. The Meeting

You have an idea. We will get a closer look.
We make sure that what we understood is the exact match of your idea.

2. The Planning Process

We make a plan to build your idea into a fully functional and productive system
with the help of updated technologies and best practices that prevail in the industry.
We will make constant communication with you during the process.
At the completion of the process, the estimated project cost will be generated
and send to you along with the plan.

3. The Development Process

The development process starts only after we receive the approval from you.
We like to introduce the latest and trending technologies
rather than hanging on to the conventional ones.

a) We use optimized and clean code. It will help the search engine rankings of the page.

b) We will use only those features which are relevant to your product.

c) Replaced images, documents and other files will be deleted from the system
in order to save the disc space of the server.
It will also increases the performance of your website.

4. The Testing

After the development process, your product will undergo a series of testing processes.
The bugs and errors found in this process will be cleared immediately.

After that you will be given a chance to test every aspect of this product.
If you find any bugs, errors or you need any minor modifications to your final product,
you will hand over these as your final list to us.
This list will also be processed soon.

As this process is completed,
you will get a fully functional and productive website.

5. The deployment

We will then deploy your website to the live server.

We won’t stop there. We will help your website to reach the potential customers/users
with the help of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tools.

We will increase the web traffic to your website
by applying the best SMO(Social Media Optimization) techniques.
Eventually, the search rankings of your website will be higher.

"Please keep in mind that we are always ready and happy to put more effort
so that your product will receive more mileage."

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